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2” Locations
Cottage 9 and Cottage 11

Cottage 9
Reflexology, Geriatric, Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue Massage, BEMER Therapy, Scalar Field Therapy
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Cottage 11
Ashiatsu Bar Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Cavitation Vacuum Radio Frequency Treatment
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386 293 4610

Welcome to Cottage Spa Relative Healing – Cottage 9

Specializing in pain relief in 60 and 90 minute sessions serving various ages, athletes, and general public in need of massage therapy.
Reduce physical stress, increase range of motion, and assist in better performance in the daily life.


386 214 6503

Welcome to Cottage Spa Relative Healing – Cottage 11

Specializing in Lymphatic Drainage for pre and post surgeries. Body sculpting for dissolving fat, firming skin, and enhnacing skin elasticity.
Helping to maintain health.


Owner’s Message –
How to recieve a massage

To fully benefit from the massages, need to prepare yourself to surrender from overwhelming living schedules, to the moment of your own time being. Breathe into the relaxation, the more relax you are, the better you feel. Allow your body to meet the table, and drift into a peaceful state of mind.

While you notice discomfort or pain from the treatment on the tension of the area, deep breathe three to five times, instead of clutching which will block the therapist to treat the tense area. Then communicate to the therapist to adjust when it becomes not easy to go through. And tell the therapists when the discomfort is 9 or higher from 1-10.

Finally finish with an appreciation that you have given to yourself the opportunity to enhance your health.

Allow yourself to Heal

David Pearce
David Pearce
Samara is not only at performing physical massage, she has great knowledge of the mind/spirit component of healing and is willing to share that during her therapy to provide even greater results.
James Psaledas
James Psaledas
For thirty years I had changed massage therapist several times in search of the best. As the years passed by I thought I had at last found the best massage therapist possible. Then, I moved from the north to Florida and began another search for a massage therapist. Beginners luck, I found Min Shi through an advertisement and have made great progress in the last seven years. Relative Healing is the best! Treatments adjusted to your specific ailments leads to a more comfortable life and greater awareness. Min's (aka, Samara) expertise is the result of continuous education programs has taken over the years so that she can help everyone of her clients needs.
Nikole Singhal
Nikole Singhal
Life changing!!! I want to shout it from the rooftops how amazing this place is. I will get lymphatic massages here for life. I swear Samara has healing hands.
"Min" has been my therapist for few yrs now. Has been the best I ever had, including internationally. Her special techniques, specific to my needs, and her education most recently corrected my lower my back pain in just one session. My far the best!
Aurea Jimenez
Aurea Jimenez
Lymphatic drainage massages have saved me With lymphedema in my rights arm. But I’ve also had massage to relieve tension & help my body release stress. Her hands are magical & her energy is beyond. I walk in all hunched & filled with fluid retention and leave a brand new woman. So grateful I discovered this place.
Tonia Reisz
Tonia Reisz
I love Sammari! She's awesome. Very professional and great personality!
Alex Pirpiris
Alex Pirpiris
That was 😎! Thanks!
mrs smith
mrs smith
Awesome massage

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Seth Parr


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Why do people with cancer use massage?

Reduce congestion

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Stress-related disorders

Physical Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

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For Cottage 9

386 293 4610

For Cottage 11

386 214 6503

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Tues – Sat: 10:30 am – 5:30 pm
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721 Ridgewood Ave.
Ste 9 & 11
Holly Hill, FL 32117

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